Safegard Paint & Upholstery Protection

Industry trusted – guaranteed to enhance & protect your vehicle for life.


Scott Cans Pack

Safegard - The Ultimate in Vehicle Protection

Whether it's bird droppings, tree-sap or insect remains on the paint finish

  • or everyday spillages like coffee, tea or coke on interior upholstery
  • your vehicle is exposed to the harsh realities of life each & every day.

Safegard provides a shield for your vehicle's paint finish and interior upholstery which seals, protects, makes cleaning easy & enhances the re-sale value.

Enhance both the appearance & residual value of your vehicle with Safegard - exclusively available at Authorised Dealers only.

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Paint Finish Protection

Safegard works by removing impurities & microscopic imperfections within the paint finish with its unique & complex formulation. It actively bonds to the surface of the paintwork, crosslinking as it does so as to provide multiple layers of durable protection, whilst locking in an unmatched lasting deep gloss & enhancing the paint finish.

The microscopic film actively repels water & provides a barrier protecting the Paint Finish from everyday pollutants.

Your vehicle is far easier to wash after application & there is no need to polish your vehicle for 3 Years - you can achieve that showroom shine with every wash!

Unexpected & costly repair bills are prevented & backed by a LIFETIME Guarantee - with unlimited claims!

Interior Protection

The vehicle Upholstery is treated with our Interior Protection - which not only makes it easier to keep clean; but resilient against permanent stains from everyday spillages such as tea, coffee, water or soft drinks.

It provides an invisible protective waterproof barrier for interior upholstery.

Spillages can be easily dabbed up with tissue or absorbent material - without leaving a stain.

Prevents unexpected costs to remove unwanted stains & backed by a LIFETIME Guarantee - with unlimited claims!

Scott Cans Pack

*Please note exact pack contents can vary

Our Premium Vehicle Care Pack is supplied with the Safegard lifetime protection system & is worth £100 by itself!

It contains all the essentials you will ever need to keep your vehicle in pristine condition & many of the products are renowned for being useful around the home too