Key Fob Insurance

Our Key Cover policy protects the insured against the cost of locksmith’s fees, replacement keys, the re-programming of immobilisers, infrared handsets and alarms, and, if required, onward transport charges in the event of the loss, damage or theft of their keys.

 Cover is extended to the insured’s family members who reside at the same address.

What is Included?



  • In the event that the insured’s keys are lost, damaged or stolen cover is provided for:
  • Locksmith’s fees
  • Replacement keys
  • Re-programming of immobilisers, infrared handsets and alarms
  • If a security risk has arisen cover will be provided for new locks
  • One, two and three year policies available



  • Cover is provided for any immediate member of the insured’s family who resides at the same address as the insured
  • Insured clients can be issued with a numbered fob by the administrator which pays a reward of £10 to the finder when handed in
  • 24 hour 365 days a year Emergency Helpline
  • Making a claim does not affect the insured’s ‘no claims bonus’ on their other insurance policies



  • £1,500 limit of indemnity any one claim and in the aggregate, per policy year
  • Nil excess
  • Trading options include QUBE (our free, cloud-based broker platform), stand-alone referral, delegated authority scheme, Qdos-managed white labelled online retail facility
  • Underwritten by a strong rated UK insurer